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Ant Pest Control | Greater Salt Lake City, Utah

In 2013, the National Pest Management Association reported that ants remain the number one pest in the country. Although most tend to live outdoors in nests, they enter homes when in need of food and shelter. These ants may be nothing more than a nuisance to the homeowner, or they may bite or sting the home’s inhabitants. When they do so, pain, irritation, or swelling may occur. This doesn’t take into account the damage the pests can do to the home. Ants may invade other structures also, such as restaurants and office buildings. Humans need to be aware of these creatures and the harm they can do if left untreated.

What Types Of Ants Are Common In Utah?

Homeowners often look at ants and never stop to consider that there are various species. Each species has their own unique characteristics, and the two species commonly seen in Utah are the pavement ant and the carpenter ant. Pavement ants are small and are typically only a quarter-inch in length. In contrast, carpenter ants tend to be 3/8″ in length. Others may include Argentine ants, black ants, harvester ants, fire ants, and Pharaoh ants. For this reason, it’s best to call for pest control help when these pests are detected in any building.

Ants in Salt Lake City

How Do Ants Enter A Building?

Property owners want to know how ants get into a building in the first place. As they are so small, they can make their way into a home or business through the tiniest of cracks. This may be a minuscule space under the front door, or it may be a vent leading into the home. They nest anywhere, including stumps, under foundations, and in lawns or walls of the home. Once they make their way inside, they go in search of greasy or sweet food, often found in storerooms or pantries, along with water. Once a food source has been detected, the ant leaves a pheromone chemical trail to alert other animals to its presence. With the help of ant pest control measures in Salt Lake City, Utah, these pests can be removed from the building in a short period of time.

The Feeding Habits Of Ants

Ant species vary regarding what they eat. Many people assume carpenter ants eat wood just as termites do. The truth is they chew through the wood, but don’t consume it, although this may do damage to the structure. They leave behind a material that looks like sawdust, and this material can be of help in finding their nest. Black carpenter ants are commonly found in Utah. Pavement ants are frequently seen in the state and are often referred to as sugar ants. They love to eat anything, including honeydew, honey, meat, ice, insects, and cheese. This type of insect often gets into human food, as they like the items people eat. Black ants also love to eat sweets, which helps to explain why they are also often found in kitchens.

Ant Colonies

An ant colony can grow rapidly if not removed. An ant colony may be home to anywhere from 300,000 to 500,000 insects. When the colony is threatened in any way, it will uproot and find a new location quickly. One reason ants are so hard to get rid of is the worker ant may live for seven years. The queen ant may live as long as 15 years and reproduce multiple times during these years.

Why Are Ants So Hard To Eradicate?

Using do-it-yourself products often doesn’t work when homeowners are dealing with ants. These products lack the strength of those used by professionals and often only treat those that can be seen, not hidden in the home. Once ants begin dying off, others in the colony realize there is a problem and relocate, making it even harder to kill them. Property owners find that treating the home or office makes the problem worse as a result of the actions they have taken to try to resolve the problem.

Interesting Facts About Ants

  • The queen ant lays the eggs, and then the worker ants take over, caring for the eggs until the babies emerge
  • An ant is capable of lifting up to 20 times its body weight.
  • Ants have one of the largest brains of all insects. In fact, an ant has an average of 250,000 brain cell

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