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Our pest control service is both affordable and reliable.  Our team of exterminators are knowledgeable and are capable of handling any pest control problem you may have.  We are the go-to company for pest problems including termite control, bed bug treatments, mice removal, bee removal, wasp removal, spider control, rodent control and many others. We specialize in pest elimination and we will treat the infestation right the first time, reducing the chance of a recurring pest problem

Bed Bug Pest Control Service serving Salt Lake City

Bed bug removal-Get rid of all your bugs today!

Our Bed Bug services are both safe and effective. With our environmentally safe products, we will take care of the problem the first time with no harm to your family or pets. To ensure a bedbug infestation does not re-occur, occasionally we will recommend a re-treatment.  Over the counter, pesticides can be harmful to households, including your pets. Our team at Beeline Pest Control is very educated about all pesticides and we can ensure you are receiving the best treatment available for your situation while keeping your health in mind. Our top priority is always client safety and making sure you understand the treatment process for pest elimination.

Termite Removal Service-Termite Control

Top-rated termite exterminator in Salt Lake County

At Beeline Utah you can depend on our termite services and know they are effective and safe for your household, including your pets. We have the ability to resolve any termite infestation and rid your home of a termite problem for good. With our top of the line equipment and experienced staff, we are able to take care of your termite problem right away.  Part of our preventative maintenance is to educate you about termite infestations and how to keep your home clean and safe.

Wasp Removal Company- Beeline Pest Control serving Salt Lake City Utah

Got Bees? Call the most experienced pest control company in Utah  

Wasps are a serious threat to many homeowners in Utah. Not only are they annoying as they circle around your home but it is even more serious when someone is allergic.  Wasps generally stay out of your way but if they feel threatened they can attack suddenly. Not only are their stings painful, but having a wasp or bee problem can just be annoying. With our bee treatments and our preventative education, you won’t have to worry about your wasp or yellow jacket problem anymore.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City was originally founded in 1847 by Brigham Young and other Mormon pioneers from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. They were seeking relief from persecution in the mid-western part of the United States. When these Mormon pioneers first came to the valley it was very inhabitable.  They had to extensively irrigate and cultivate the land to prepare it for growth. Because of its proximity to the Great Salt Lake, the city was first named “Great Salt Lake City”. The word “great” was eventually dropped from the official name in 1868 by the Utah Territorial Legislature. Mining booms, immigration of LDS members and the construction of the first transcontinental railroad brought the first real economic growth.  The city was then nicknamed the “Crossroads of the West.” The first transcontinental highway was put in called the Lincoln highway in 1913, then two major cross-country freeways were added, I-15 and I-80 to intersect in the city. Since then Salt Lake City has exploded and roads and freeways are constantly widened for the population growth. The technology industry is bringing many jobs to Utah, causing a huge spike in the population and traffic. For those seeking housing in the Greater Salt Lake Area, with the rise of jobs the housing market has also increased making it hard to purchase a home in the Salt Lake County and Utah County.  For the most part, Salt Lake City has a lot to offer and it makes a great place to raise a family.


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