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Best Pest Control Company in St. George

At Beeline Pest Control in St. George, we know your home is your haven. With Beeline Pest Control services, you get the expertise of a large experienced company as well as friendly customer service of a local small family business. We strive to keep you comfortable and safe in your St. George home.  We have been rated #1 in customer service & we are the preferred pest control management company for all your pest problems.

Ant Pest Control

Top Ant Removal Services Throughout Washington County

Ants pose a huge problem in St. George and are very hard to eliminate altogether. Beeline Pest Control will do our best to try to control your ant problem but it is impossible to completely eliminate all the ants on your problem. The easiest way to keep them away is to eliminate food sources for them and seal up cracks and crevices. We do a great job of educating our clients on how to keep the ants away!

Spider Control & Scorpion Pest Control

Effective Spider Removal in St. George

Because of the hot dry climate of St. George, scorpions, and spiders tend to take refuge in residents homes. Desert homes attract many different pests and stowaways. With our pest control methods, we will help your family feel safe again. Rely on our cheap and effective pest control services to protect your home. Call Beeline Pest Control in Utah today for your free estimate.


Cockroach Pest Control

Top-Rated St. George Cockroach Removal Services

Our certified technicians at Beeline Pest Control understand cockroach infestations. We are familiar with the problems and possible health issues they cause.  We know how to permanently and safely remove them from any commercial or residential building. Beeline Pest Control has been a cockroach exterminator in Utah for decades. We will completely eradicate these dangerous insects from your home, office or hotel. St. George residents can count on our emergency cockroach pest control services 24 hours a day.


St. George, UT

The city of St. George is located in the beautiful area of Southwestern Utah. It is surrounded by the spectacular Snow Canyon State Park, which offers red dunes and enormous sandstone cliffs that are breathtaking.  The city of St. George really started to take off and become more of a tourist destination in 1965. Part of this boom came from the creation of Dixie Red Hills golf course which was the areas first 9-hole golf course.

The golf course is located right behind a huge red bluff at the corner of Bluff Street and Sunset Boulevard.  Since 1965, 12 more additional golf courses have been built throughout Washington County. Since the many additions of golf courses & vacation resorts, Washington County and the surrounding area has been nicknamed “The Palm Springs of Utah.”

As more vehicles came with air conditioning and homes with cooling systems became more affordable, more people started to venture into St. George and make it a destination spot.  People who once saw St. George as unlivable started to plan more vacations there and even ended up calling it their home. Today St. George area is home to more than 160,000 residents.  It seems to always make it on the list for one of the nation’s fastest-growing areas.

For the last two decades, the city has seen tremendous growth and even surpassed Las Vegas in growth. People are attracted to the area for its warm climate, scenic beauty and recreational activities, and the active lifestyle that so many residents enjoy. Some of the outdoor recreation attractions near St. George include Quail Creek, Sand Hollow Reservoir, Zion National Park, Snow Canyon State Park, Bryce Canyon, and Grand Canyon National Park. There is pretty much something for everyone in the land of the sun.


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