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Reliable & Safe Utah Pest Control

Because of our great reputation among the residents of West Valley City, you can count on Beeline Pest Control for all your residential and commercial pest control services. We offer quality customized pest control packages to all our customers. Our pest control services include wasp removal, ant removal, spider infestation 


Ant Pest Control

Top Exterminator of Ants in West Valley City Utah

With the help of ant pest control measures in West Valley City, Utah, these pests can be removed in a short period of time. Don’t let household ants take over your home. Pavement ants, Carpenter ants, Harvester ants, Field ants, and Velvety tree ants are the most prominent Ant in Utah.  Call Beeline Pest Control today and we will help exterminate those irritating insects with our quick and safe pest control methods.

Wasp Removal Company

Salt Lake County Experienced Wasp & Bee Control

If you want to hire a reliable pest control company you can trust, contact Beeline Pest Control in West Valley City right away. Our talented team of Utah pest control technicians are expert in the art of wasp and bee control and know how to remove them quickly to leave your property safe, bee free and wasp free. We can educate you to help you prevent wasp and beehives from occurring on your property and we can handle any bee or wasp removal for you in the future.


West Valley City, UT

West Valley City is located in the State of Utah and within Salt Lake County. West Valley City is a booming suburb of Salt Lake City. During the 2010 census, the population was 129,480, which made it the second-largest city in Utah. The first known residents of the west part of the Salt Lake Valley were Native Americans from the of the Ute and Shoshone tribes. European settlers were from the Latter Day Saint Church. They were escaping religious persecution in the Midwest. They were also known as the Mormon Pioneers.  Settlers first arrived in 1847 and the first area was claimed by Joseph Harker and his family. The area was later named “over Jordan” meaning the land west of the Jordan River. Welsh Mormon settlers also came and they developed irrigation systems and started to farm the area. Irrigation of the land started in 1881 and their main crop was fruit trees. Almost 100 years later, the Large unincorporated area became incorporated in 1950. West Valley City was previously known as Chesterfield, Redwood, Granger or Hunter. More recently in the 2016 census, there were 136,574 people in West Valley City.  Most of the population of West Valley City is caucasian and the other large portion is Hispanic or Latino, with a small black, native American, Asian and Pacific Islander population. West Valley city is home to the Utah Grizzlies and the Maverick Center of the ECHL. 


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Rocky Mountain Power

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