Top Reasons For Pest Control St. George

St. George, UT is a great place to live and play! You have the warm climate year round and the breathtaking views of red rocks.  Not only are people attracted to the climate in St. George, but so are many insects and pests. The Utah desert seems to have a way of inviting insects into your home as they seek shelter from the sun.  These native insects including cockroaches, ants, spiders, and scorpions, These pests can take over your home and make your life miserable. You may want to consider relying on the best pest control St. George has to offer.  


Ants may be small on the radar but because of their size, they can penetrate any wall, structure or container. This makes it very hard to keep them out of your food. They will contaminate your food and will pretty much eat anything that is edible.

Ants are not only a major pest control issue, but they are also a major pain. And that includes their annoying stings or bites. Their bites can cause swelling, irritation, and pain. If ants are taking over your home and seem to be everywhere, it might be time to get some ant extermination help.

It is almost impossible to get rid of an entire ant colony so when it comes to ants it is more about controlling the population. This most likely is due to that fact they are able to adapt to their surroundings so well.

Ways to Help Control Ants:

  • Put your food away. Even the tiniest crumb attracts ants.
  • Anything that contains sugar should be sealed at all times.
  • Try to seal all tiny cracks or crevices so they can’t get in as easily
  • Use an ant spray or granules when needed. Niban seems to work great.


Cockroaches are extremely dirty and disgusting. And if you happen to see one during the day, you are sure to have a cockroach infestation hiding somewhere in the dark.  Because they reproduce so rapidly and spread disease, it’s a good idea to seek professional help immediately.

Ways to Control cockroaches:

  • Use plastic container to put food and crumbs in the fridge or freezer
  • Keep drawers and cabinets clean at all times
  • Be sure to check for roaches behind furniture and in cabinets often
  • Use an anti-cockroach bait


Scorpions love the heat of the desert climate in St. George. Most likely you will find them outside your home or business. They are an 8 legged bug, with two pinchers and an upward curved tail with a stinger at the end. The smaller the pinchers are results in the scorpion being more poisonous. Some scorpions can actually be deadly so be very careful. Don’t chance it and call a professional St. George pest control company to deal with any scorpions.

Ways to Control Scorpions:

  • Keep the outside of your home free from leaves, wood piles, and other debris.
  • Remove any clutter inside of your home
  • keep any food in airtight containers and lids closed on trash cans inside and outside the home
  • Fill in any holes or cracks in your foundation or walls that could provide entry
  • Caulk around your doors and windows
  • Sprinkle treatment at the base of your entire home up to 2-5 ft in width


Most spiders are harmless but they do tend to be annoying as they leave cobwebs behind. Generally, you do not have to worry about spiders unless you come across a black widow, Hobo spider, wolf spider or yellow sac spider. Most of their venom is not fatal but can be dangerous. Find out more about dangerous Utah spiders here.

Ways to Control Spiders

  • Use a broom or vacuum hose to clear away cobwebs regularly
  • Vacuum any spiders and egg sacs right away
  • Use a pesticide that targets spiders at night (this is when they are most active)

Choose the best Pest Control St. George Has To Offer

For a quality pest control choose a pest control company in the St. George area you can trust. Rely on the best pest control St. George can offer; Beeline Pest Control! Call us today at (435) 986-7102 or for Northern Utah call (801) 204-9134.