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Some of the most common rodents in Utah are mice, rats, and voles. They can be a complete menace and are difficult to control. As a result on a daily basis, we help property owners with rodent pest control Utah.  

At Beeline Pest Control we find great value in educating property owners. Let’s take a close look at each of these common Utah rodents.

Deer mice

Firstly, the deer mouse, more commonly known as “field mice”  is very common throughout North America. Utah is no exception. From nose to tail, they measure approximately 12 to 28 cm in length. They are small and weigh about 20-30 grams. They get their name from their fur being similar to that of a deer which is usually grayish brown. Their underbelly and legs are white. A multicolored tail that is darker on top and lighter underneath set them apart from other mice.

Deer mice can be found anywhere and everywhere in Utah. This fact makes rodent pest control Utah necessary. They can thrive in diverse habitats, such as deserts, grasslands, and forests. 

The deer mouse feeds on small invertebrates, plants, and seeds. They can multiply very quickly. Gestation for a field mouse is three weeks, making them capable of producing several litters per year. The litter of five will be independent within a few weeks after birth.



Sometimes referred to as Meadow Mice, Voles are mouse-shaped animals that typically grow 5 to 10 inches in length. Different from a  mouse though, voles have very small ears and short tails. Voles that are larger are often mistaken for pocket gophers. In addition, both voles and pocket gophers fit into the category of burrowing rodents.

Voles are hard to spot because the majority of their time is spent underground. Their homes are made in grassy areas. They are active throughout the entire year and during the day and night.

Similarly to mice, Voles breed the entire year. Females can produce up to 5 litters in a year. These litters can have up to 10 young per litter. The young females can start reproducing just over a month old.  Consequently, vole populations are able to grow very large quite quickly!


Norway Rats

One of the largest rats in Utah and the most common is the Norway Rat. From the tip of their nose to the end of their tail is an average of 16 inches. They have big ears like a mouse and their coats are commonly grayish-brown.

These rodents are found nesting in low-growing vegetation, in rock piles, under slabs of concrete and in nests made from burrowing underground. The nesting habits, for instance, are determined by the available surroundings.

Norway Rats feed on whatever they can find. Such as any food products, decaying animals, garbage, livestock feed, etc. These rats pose a significant need for rodent pest control Utah because they can carry and spread many diseases in their urine, feces, and saliva. Likewise, they also ruin stored food products, and can also introduce fleas, ticks, and mites and the diseases they each carry.

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