You Might Have Bed Bugs If…

  • You see tiny spots of feces that look like dried specks of blood. They would most likely be found in dark corners and creases.
  • Tiny smears of blood are found on your pillows and sheets. Sometimes the bed bugs get squished right after they have eaten which leaves blood spots.
  • You notice red spots, swelling or itchy bites on exposed skin after sleeping, generally on the arms, neck, and face.
  • There are yellowish skins left behind by the nymphs, the young bed bugs that shed as they grow.


How to recognize bed bugs…


They look like tiny grains of rice. They are about 1 mm in size and are usually found in dark corners, creases, and crevices.


Called Nymphs, they are tan in color, almost transparent in the early stages. They vary in size depending on their stage of development but are smaller than adults.


The adults are oval and flat.  They are a reddish brown color, and similar to the size of a tick.   The best place to start the search for bed bugs is in the seams, edges, folds, tufts, and label of the mattress. Most often you will find them on your bed, near your head. They are attracted to the carbon dioxide you exhale. They also like to hide behind headboards. Other popular hiding spots are in the seams of couches and chairs, between cushions, and in curtains.


How to Prevent Bed Bugs:

  • Before bringing any second-hand items into your home, check for any signs of bed bugs.
  • Place protective covers over box springs and mattresses.
  • Limit hiding spots by reducing clutter in your home.
  • During stays in hotels, put your suitcase on shelf or luggage rack instead of the floor. When you return from a trip, unpack directly into your washing machine. Check your luggage carefully for any signs of bed bugs.


What to do if you find any signs of bed bugs:

  • Call a professional pest control company immediately.  

We recommend calling the professionals at the first sign of a bedbug infestation. We will walk you through every step of the bed bug removal process.  The technicians at Beeline Pest Control understand there isn’t one solution for all bed bug problems. For this reason, we offer different types of bed bug pest control including; Fumigation, Thermal Treatment, and liquid insecticides. In addition, they are all safe and effective and will rid your home or business of a bed bug infestation.


Who to call:

Beeline Pest Control is well known in the Salt Lake City Utah area. We are the preferred bed bug control provider for families and businesses along the Wasatch Front. Our knowledge and experience is the key to our successful pest control company and client satisfaction.

Beeline Pest Control offers residential and commercial pest management services. Bed bugs are more common than you may think and can be very difficult to eliminate on your own.

At Beeline Pest Control, we offer proven solutions with our unique bed bug management services in the Salt Lake City area and throughout Utah.  Our solutions are safe for your family, pets, and the environment. We are positive once you use our services, we will be your pest control company of choice. If you have bed bugs biting, give us a call today at (801) 206-4008.